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How can I help to translate QOwnNotes?

Read more at the Official QOwnNotes documentation.

First, thank you for helping out! There are two ways to translate QOwnNotes.

Join us on Crowdin to translate QOwnNotes

Crowdin is a popular Localization Management Platform for mobile apps, web, desktop software and related assets.

You can sign up at Crowdin and translate QOwnNotes to your language with easy tools.

QOwnNotes on Crowdin

Just drop me a message on Crowdin or as a GitHub issue if you want to translate QOwnNotes to a new language.

If you want to add new translations to existing languages you can do so right away.

Thanks a lot for your help!

The GitHub way to translate QOwnNotes

If you want to translate QOwnNotes to a new language you can also do so by translating the translation file on your local computer. Please always use Crowdin for existing translations.

  1. Please create an issue on the QOwnNotes issues page so everyone knows that someone is working on a translation.
    I will then provide you with a current translation file for your language.
  2. Create a fork of QOwnNotes on GitHub and "git clone" your fork on your computer.
  3. Install Qt Linguist to easily translate text. Qt Linguist should also come with your favorite Linux distribution.
  4. Open the translation file from your fork with Qt Linguist (for example QOwnNotes_de.ts) and translate the text with it.
    The translation files are located in this folder:
  5. Commit and push your changes to your fork of QOwnNotes and create a pull request for your changes.
    This way you can take credit for your valuable contribution on GitHub!
    Please make sure you are working in the develop branch and make your pull request to that branch.

Hey, that's way to complicated

Ok, just go for step 1 and 3, translate and send the file and I'll do the rest.

Some things to know while translating

  • Please just set obvious key bindings like "Ctrl + Q" to translated and don't translate them.
  • You can set the "&" handlers as you want, like in "&Quit".

Can I generate my own translation file?

You need to add your language to "src/". Look for a "TRANSLATIONS" variable.

Then you have to change to the "src" directory and update the translation files.

cd src && lupdate -verbose

Your new translation file should now be generated.

You have to call "lupdate" again when there are new texts to translate.

If you want to go as far as testing your translation in QOwnNotes you need to call this in the "src" directory:


It will generate the ".qm" files that are needed by the QOwnNotes binary.

Please let me know if you ran into any problems!

There are untranslated texts in QOwnNotes, how can I translate them?

You have to change to the "src" directory and update the translation files.

cd src && lupdate -verbose

Then you should be able to translate the new texts. If they don't show up in Qt Linguist they are probably not made translatable yet in the source code.

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