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Why isn't QOwnNotes syncing my notes?

Read more at the Official QOwnNotes documentation.

QOwnNotes or QOwnNotesAPI aren't supposed to sync your notes (as stated in the Nextcloud / ownCloud settings of QOwnNotes and on the QOwnNotes webpage).

Use your ownCloud / Nextcloud sync client to sync your notes, your notes are simple markdown files. There is no need to invent the wheel twice.

And there are also people who are using different services to sync their note files (like Dropbox, Syncthing or Resilio Sync).

QOwnNotesAPI just handles the access to your trashed notes and note versions. Note sharing is done via the API provided by ownCloud / Nextcloud. Tasks are accessed directly via CalDAV.

What QOwnNotesAPI does

  • Accessing your trashed notes
  • Accessing your note versions

What QOwnNotesAPI doesn't do

  • Syncing your notes (please use your ownCloud / Nextcloud sync client)
  • Sharing notes (that is done directly via the ownCloud / Nextcloud API)
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