Note encryption with or directly with PGP

You now can use your custom method to encrypt and decrypt notes via the scripting engine (for Issue #334).

  • you can use the new scripting hook encryptionHook() do implement your own encryption
  • there are examples to encrypt notes with (encryption-keybase.qml), PGP (encryption-pgp.qml) or do a trivial "encryption" with ROT13 (encryption-rot13.qml)
  • you can disable the password dialog with script.encryptionDisablePassword()
  • to start an external synchronous process you can usescript.startSynchronousProcess()
  • to check on which platform the script is running you can use script.platformIsLinux(), script.platformIsOSX() and script.platformIsWindows()
  • for more information on the new commands please take a look at the scripting documentation

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