# Spellchecking

Get your spelling errors corrected!


QOwnNotes has a builtin Dictionary Manager (in the Edit menu) which you can use to download dictionaries or delete them (if you are missing your language see below on how to request adding a dictionary). If you want to download the dictionaries manually, you can follow the instructions below.

  • Under Linux you can install the Hunspell dictionaries for your language using your distro's pkg manager

    • If you need to add additional language files you can do so in ~/.local/share/hunspell or /usr/share/hunspell.
    • If you are using the Snap package of QOwnNotes you can also use ~/hunspell for language files, since the Snap can't access ~/.local
  • Under Windows you need to copy Hunspell dictionaries for your language to a folder dicts in your QOwnNotes application folder or in C:\Users\[username]\dicts

    • You can download dictionaries from LibreOffice dictionaries (opens new window)
    • Under macOS you need to copy Hunspell dictionaries for your language to /Library/Spelling or ~/Library/Spelling. If the directory doesn't exist you need to create it.

Dictionaries can be downloaded from QOwnNotes dictionaries (opens new window). Use the table at the end of this document to find your language and its respective language code.

If the dictionary for your language is not in the Dictionary Manager or in the above mentioned link, please look for it on the internet or create an issue. We'll be sure to include it in the next release of QOwnNotes if the dictionary is found.


If you can't find your language in this table then unfortunately a dictionary for it doesn't exist in the LibreOffice files - If you want to create a dictionary, go to the Documentfoundation.org Dictionaries Development (opens new window)

Sr Language Code Language
1 af_ZA Afrikaans (South Africa)
2 an_ES Aragonese - Spain (ES)
3 ar Arabic
4 be_BY Belarusian
5 bg_BG Bulgarian
6 bn_BD Bengali
7 bo Tibetan
8 br_FR Breton - France
9 bs_BA Bosnian
10 ca Catalan
11 cs_CZ Czech
12 da_DK Danish
13 de German
14 el_GR Greek
15 en English
16 es Spanish
17 et_EE Estonian
18 gd_GB Gaelic
19 gl Galician
20 gu_IN Gujarati
21 gug Guarani
22 he_IL Hebrew
23 hi_IN Hindi
24 hr_HR Croatian
25 id Indonesian
26 it_IT Italian
27 kmr_Latn Kurdish (Turkey)
28 lo_LA Lao
29 lt_LT Lithuanian
30 lv_LV Latvian
31 ne_NP Nepali
32 nl_NL Dutch
33 no Norwegian
34 oc_FR Occitan
35 pl_PL Polish
36 pt_BR Brazilian Portuguese
37 pt_PT Portuguese
38 ro Romanian
39 ru_RU Russian
40 si_LK Sinhalese
41 sk_SK Slovak
42 sl_Sl Slovenian
43 sq_AL Albanian
44 sr Serbian
45 sv_SE Swedish
46 sw_TZ Swahili
47 te_IN Telugu
48 th_TH Thai
49 tr_TR Turkish
51 uk_UA Ukrainian
52 vi Vietnamese
53 zu_ZA Zulu(spell dict not avail)


Sonnet (opens new window) with Hunspell (opens new window) is used for spellchecking