# Install on Microsoft Windows™

Download the latest Windows archive from QOwnNotes Releases on GitHub (opens new window) and unzip it to anywhere you like. There is no installation needed!


If you want to use the automatic updater please make sure you unzip it to a place where your user account has write access to. By default your user account most likely doesn't have write access to places like C:\Program Files (x86) or C:\Program Files.

You can then directly run QOwnNotes.exe from your QOwnNotes folder, no installation is required.

# Portable mode

Use QOwnNotesPortable.bat to run QOwnNotes in portable mode where everything (including your notes) will only be stored in your QOwnNotes folder.


You don't need the portable mode if you just don't have Administration permissions to your computer. QOwnNotes doesn't need to be installed!

# Windows XP

Qt dropped support for Windows XP with version 5.8, but QOwnNotes is now also built with Qt 5.7 to allow Windows XP users to still use it.

Although you have to seek out the latest master build from AppVeyor (opens new window) yourself, choose the Qt 5.7 environment and download the artifact.


The automatic update mechanism does not work with the AppVeyor build for Windows XP! You will have to download new releases yourself.

# Chocolatey

There is a community maintained package of QOwnNotes at Chocolatey (opens new window).

You can install it with:

choco install qownnotes

# Scoop

There is a community maintained package of QOwnNotes (opens new window) at Scoop (opens new window). You can use it to install QOwnNotes (located in the Extras bucket) in portable mode.

scoop bucket add extras
scoop update
scoop install qownnotes