# Idea

# QOwnNotes

  • QOwnNotes memorizza le note nella cartella note come file markdown
  • Può collegarsi al tuo server Nextcloud / ownCloud per condividere pubblicamente le note con altre persone
  • Puoi anche accedere alla cronologia delle note e al cestino sul tuo server Nextcloud / ownCloud tramite l 'app QOwnNotesApi Nextcloud
  • Da QOwnNotes puoi accedere agli elenchi di cose da fare sul tuo server Nextcloud / ownCloud
  • QOwnNotes non sincronizza le tue note e i file multimediali / allegati!

# File di note Markdown

  • Tutte le tue note e file multimediali / allegati sono tue!
  • Your notes are stored as plain-text Markdown files on your desktop computer
  • Puoi usare qualsiasi tuo editor di testo preferito insieme a QOwnNotes per visualizzare o modificare i file delle note
  • Sincronizza le tue note con altri dispositivi (desktop e mobili) con il tuo client di sincronizzazione Nextcloud (opens new window) o ownCloud (opens new window) sul tuo server

# Estensione del browser QOwnNotes

Puoi gestire i segnalibri del tuo browser con QOwnNotes o usarlo come web clipper.


L'estensione del browser funziona offline, senza alcuna connessione internet. ::: tip Per ulteriori informazioni, visita l'estensione del browser QOwnNotes Web Companion.

# QOwnNotes command-line snippet manager

You can manage your command snippets with QOwnNotes and execute them on the command-line.


Please visit QOwnNotes command-line snippet manager for more information.

# Nextcloud desktop sync client

Sync your notes with other devices (desktop & mobile) with your Nextcloud (opens new window) or ownCloud (opens new window) sync client to your server.


Of course other solutions, like Dropbox, Syncthing, Seafile or BitTorrent Sync can be used too to sync your notes and other files.

You can also use git to sync with tools like gitomatic (opens new window).

# Nextcloud server

To work with your notes online you can use servers like Nextcloud (opens new window) or ownCloud (opens new window).

You can host your own server or use hosted solutions.

There is a community-maintained list of Nextcloud providers (opens new window), as well as a list of devices with Nextcloud (opens new window).

Portknox (opens new window) has reported they have QOwnNotesAPI installed (opens new window).


Of course other solutions, like Dropbox, Syncthing, Seafile or BitTorrent Sync can be used too to host your notes and other files.

# QOwnNotesAPI Nextcloud app

QOwnNotesAPI (opens new window) lets you access your server-side trashed notes and note versions.


Please visit QOwnNotesAPI Nextcloud App for more information.

# Nextcloud Notes server app

Use Nextcloud Notes (opens new window) to edit your notes in the web.


Keep in mind that Nextcloud Notes currently only supports up to one level of subfolders.

# Nextcloud Notes mobile app

To access your Nextcloud / ownCloud notes from your mobile device you can use different apps.

# Android


You could also use any sync-tool like Synchronize Ultimate or FolderSync to sync your note files and use software like neutriNotes to edit your notes.

# iOS


You can also use Notebooks (opens new window) and sync your notes via WebDAV, there is a good tutorial at Taking Notes with Nextcloud, QOwnNotes, and Notebooks (opens new window)

# api.qownnotes.org

This is an online service provided by QOwnNotes to check if there is a new release of the application available.

It is talking to GitHub and checks for the latest release, gets a suited download url and compiles the changes from the changelog compared to the version of QOwnNotes you are currently using as html to show in the update dialog.

In addition, it also provides the Release RSS Feed (opens new window) and an implementation of the legacy update checking api for older versions of QOwnNotes.


You can access the source code for api.qownnotes.org (opens new window) on GitHub (opens new window).

# QOwnNotes Web App

You can insert photos from your mobile phone into the current note in QOwnNotes on your desktop via the web application on app.qownnotes.org (opens new window).


Please visit QOwnNotes Web App for more information.