# QOwnNotes Web Companion-Browsererweiterung


Besuchen Sie den Chrome Web Store (opens new window) oder die Firefox-Add-On-Seite (opens new window), um die Browsererweiterung QOwnNotes Web Companion (opens new window) zu installieren.

Sie finden die Erweiterung auch unter GitHub (opens new window).


QOwnNotes needs to be running for the Web Companion browser extension to work.

# Web clipper

Right-click on a webpage or selected text to use the web-clipper functionality. There you can also create a new note with a screenshot of the current webpage.


The web clipper is also scriptable! Take a look at the websocketRawDataHook if you want to control what you clip from webpages.

# Lesezeichen

By default the browser extension will show all links of the current note in a popup when you click the QOwnNotes icon in your browser. These links will get a tag current.

You can also manage your bookmarks in notes with the note tag bookmarks (changeable in the settings). These links can also have tags and a description that will be shown in the browser extension.

New bookmarks are stored in a note called Bookmarks (also changeable in the settings).


You can also import your browser bookmarks into QOwnNotes with the web companion browser extension!

- [Name der Webseite] (https://www.example.com)
- [Name der Webseite] (https://www.example.com) #tag1 #tag2
- [Name der Webseite] (https://www.example.com) nur eine Beschreibung
- [Name der Webseite] (https://www.example.com) #tag1 #tag2 einige Beschreibungen und Tags
* [Name der Webseite] (https://www.example.com) das alternative Listenzeichen funktioniert ebenfalls

You are able to search for name, url tags or description in the browser extension.