# Browser-extensie QOwnNotes Web Companion


Bezoekt u het Chrome Web Store (opens new window) of de Firefox Add-ons page (opens new window) om de QOwnNotes Web Companion browser extension (opens new window) te installeren.

U kunt de extensie ook vinden op GitHub (opens new window).


QOwnNotes needs to be running for the Web Companion browser extension to work.

# Webclipper

Right-click on a webpage or selected text to use the web-clipper functionality. There you can also create a new note with a screenshot of the current webpage.


The web clipper is also scriptable! Take a look at the websocketRawDataHook if you want to control what you clip from webpages.

# Bladwijzers

By default the browser extension will show all links of the current note in a popup when you click the QOwnNotes icon in your browser. These links will get a tag current.

You can also manage your bookmarks in notes with the note tag bookmarks (changeable in the settings). These links can also have tags and a description that will be shown in the browser extension.

New bookmarks are stored in a note called Bookmarks (also changeable in the settings).


You can also import your browser bookmarks into QOwnNotes with the web companion browser extension!

# Syntaxis van bladwijzerkoppelingen

- [Webpaginanaam](https://www.example.com)
- [Webpaginanaam](https://www.example.com) #tag1 #tag2
- [Webpaginanaam](https://www.example.com) slechts een beschrijving
- [Webpaginanaam](https://www.example.com) #tag1 #tag2 een beschrijving en tags
* [Webpaginanaam](https://www.example.com) het alternatieve lijstteken werkt ook

You are able to search for name, url tags or description in the browser extension.