# Installa come AppImage

Puede descargar la última AppImage de la página de versiones de QOwnNotes (opens new window). Debe llamarse como QOwnNotes-x86_64.AppImage en esa página.


If you have jq (opens new window) installed you can also download the latest AppImage directly:

# query the latest Linux release from the QOwnNotes API, parse the JSON for the URL and download it
curl -L https://api.qownnotes.org/latest_releases/linux | jq .url | xargs curl -Lo QOwnNotes-x86_64.AppImage

Then you can change the execute-permissions on the file:

chmod a+x QOwnNotes-*.AppImage

Afterwards you should be able to execute the AppImage to run QOwnNotes.


If you want to use the automatic updater please make sure to put your AppImage in a place where your user account has write-access to, like somewhere in your home directory.