# New Linux software repositories and todo list support

Date: 2016-01-07

A lot has happened the last weeks.

For more convenience there are now software repositories for Ubuntu Linux, openSUSE Linux and Fedora Linux, done with Ubuntu Launchpad and the openSUSE build service.

You will not get any update notifications if you are using the software repositories, since your operating system is doing the updates, but you can always visit the changelog (opens new window) to see what happened.

Visit the new installation page (opens new window) for instructions on how to use them. There you will also find installation instructions for the other supported operating systems, like OS X and Windows and instructions on how you can build QOwnNotes yourself.

Manage your ownCloud or Calendar Plus todo lists

Furthermore, QOwnNotes got support for managing your ownCloud todo lists!

To manage your todo lists you need ownCloud tasks (opens new window) or Tasks++ (opens new window) as backend, with which you also can manage your todo lists in the web and on your mobile devices.

Please be encouraged to report any troubles, wishes or ideas you have on the QOwnNotes issues page (opens new window)!

You may also want to subscribe to the QOwnNotes RSS Feed (opens new window) to get the latest information about the project.