# Portable mode

Date: 2016-09-18

There now is a portable mode for QOwnNotes, for example to carry around QOwnNotes on an USB stick.

In portable mode

  • the internal sqlite database and the settings will be stored inside a Data folder at the binary's location
  • the settings will be stored in an ini file
  • the note folders will be automatically stored relative to the Data folder so that the correct note folders will be loaded regardless where your QOwnNotes installation is currently located

It will be activated if you run QOwnNotes with the parameter --portable.

On Windows there is a QOwnNotesPortable.bat in your release path to start QOwnNotes in portable mode.

Note: QOwnNotesPortable.exe was dropped because of anti virus false positives.

Portable mode for USB sticks Portable mode for USB sticks