# Script repository and script settings variables

Date: 2017-05-19

In the latest release 17.05.7 of QOwnNotes you are now able to download scripts directly from the new script repository (opens new window) inside of the application.

Furthermore as a developer you can now register settings variables in scripts. This allows you to let the user configure your script in the script settings.

A lot of new useful scripts were added to the script repository, which now can be configured with the script settings variables.

There are now scripts directly available to

  • encrypt your notes with PGP or Keybase
  • create notes from Jira issues or Bitrix24 tasks
  • transform selected note text to Jira Code or BBCode
  • show statistics about your note
  • paste Latex code as image
  • modify the styling of the user interface of the application or the styling of the note preview
  • create journal or meeting notes
  • insert a headline and a link to the GitHub issue from an url in the clipboard
  • favorite notes

Feel free to add your own scripts to the script repository. You will find a guide on how to do so at the QOwnNotes script repository (opens new window).

Script repository