# Working with multiple notes

Date: 2022-07-28

I usually just search for a relevant string in the note search. Most of the time I have that string even in the name of the file. I just use the search. I hardly ever use tags, and if, then just for coloring the notes in the list.

If I need a reference to another note I just do a note link to that note on the top of the note. I most of the times add a back-link in those notes too.

If a really need to have a 2nd note open, then I open the the note in a different window read-only (right click on the note in the note list).

If I quickly need to navigate between points in notes I use "bookmark" shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl + Shift + 1) and jump between passages that way (e.g. back with Ctrl + 1).

I don't use different instances of QOwnNotes.

This is a follow-up to a question on GitHub on my workflow with notes (opens new window).